Rocker Memorial Skatepark Fundraising

Rocker Memorial Skatepark Fundraising

The Rocker Memorial Skatepark fundraising effort has been entirely grassroots and the momentum we have gained thus far speaks volumes of the incredible community we live in. We are grateful for the community support and the desire of so many to lend a hand any way they can. The best way to help is to spread the word, engage with us online and on social media platforms, and in general, just share the stoke!

So give what you can, when you can, and attend as many events as you are able to! You can keep up with upcoming events right here on the “News” section of our website, on the homepage, as well as on our Facebook page ( & on Instagram @rockermemorialskatepark #rockermemorialskatepark.

Rocker Memorial Skatepark Donations

Rocker Memorial Skatepark has partnered with a local 501c3, CharitySmith Nonprofit Foundation, to oversee the fiscal operations of the project. CharitySmith is a helpful foundation that manages memorial fundraising efforts and projects and they just so happen to be based in Truckee! When you make a donation to RMSP, either online or through the mail, you will receive a receipt/thank you letter that validates CharitySmith’s standing with the IRS as a nonprofit.

This means you can deduct any amount you donate from your annual tax return. Always save your receipts and give them to that accountant person who makes sure you get your refund each year! Giving to the community should give back to you, too! Donate Now