The Rocker Memorial Skatepark Project

The Rocker Memorial Skatepark Project

Keeping with the momentum and proven popularity of our existing skatepark, it’s easy to see the benefit of an expanded facility. We look forward to a wide variety of street features along with more transitions, banks as well as vert features and larger bowls. The current design is in a preliminary phase, but the final design will have skateable terrain for all skaters, beginner to advances as well as street and traditional skatepark features. Overall, the skatepark will encompass a huge increase in skateable square footage. When completed, the new skatepark will cover 25,000 square feet, nearly four times the size of the existing park.

We have been working with Wormhoudt Incorporated and have a working design courtesy of Zach Wormhoundt for the Rocker Memorial Skatepark. Their community based approach to skatepark developments has produced award-winning projects around the world. Wormhoudt skateparks represent people and the environments they recreate in; from private backyard pools to multiple acre regional public parks: every project tells a story.

Having a well established company build our park will ensure that any challenges that may arise will be met with a wealth of experience and knowledge to create solutions. Wormhoudt Inc. has worked with many memorial skatepark projects and is familiar to the specifics of the process. They have the ability to incorporate community feedback throughout the design and construction. Local skateboarder and builder Brian Sizer has been working with Wormhoudt Inc. for more than a decade and will continue to lend his expertise in both design and construction to the Rocker Memorial Skatepark.

Rocker Memorial Skatepark

More Space

Creates a safer park that can accommodate more skaters at one time.

World Class Design

Allows potential for World Cup competitions.

Consistent Growth

Matches the improvements of other local recreation facilities.

More Features

More street and vert options for increased progression of skills.

Keeping It Core

We love skateboarding and having fun with our friends.

Improved Aesthetic

Making use of otherwise undeveloped resources.

Rocker Memorial Skatepark is a community project and will be made possible by all of our combined efforts. Big victories are made by the contributions of many people. Together we can do this. Thank you for your support.